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A little about me....

My birth name is Florangel, but my friends and family call me Flower 🌻. I am married to a man I may have dreamt up when I was a little girl. He not only spoils me and gets my crazy, he loves me in spite of my crazy. I am the VERY PROUD mother of a 19 year old boy, John Jr. and a 16 year old girl, Gianna.  

I’ve been teaching for 15 years now. My husband travels a lot for work, so four years ago we decided it might be best if I stop working.  However, God had another plan. When I went to break the news to my principal she came up with a plan for me to teach part time. Can I tell you, it’s been a god send? I get the best of both worlds. My family doesn’t have a MOMbie and I get to do what I love. Our kids have told me various times that aside from the special goodies they get because I don’t work every other day and go to 5 different grocery stores, I am, according to them, in a better mood. Not to mention, I get to still have a little income to do what I do best, SHOP!

I am a perfectionist, obsessive-compulsive, creative person with a huge heart. You’ll definitely get a lot more out of me with sugar than you will with spice. On the surface, I appear superficial and shallow. But the truth is that I feel deeper than most and I am the furthest thing from superficial. I have my parents to thank for that. They were good about keeping us grounded (not in a punished way, but more in sense of humility). I am the person you will catch talking to the custodian as if we were old friends. I don’t care what you do or what you have. I care about who you are. 

As of you’ve already learned, I am Rae Dunn and home decor obsessed. I also hoard home scents and rightfully so. Anyone else feel like bath and body works can’t keep their candle inventory consistent? So, since I never know if they’re going bring a scent back, I hoard my favorites. My husband calls my wall flowers and candle cabinet my “bat cave”… Again, he puts up with my crazy. 

My next obsession is Taylor Swift. I have been a die-hard Swiftie for over 10 years now. “Teardrops on my Guitar” and “You Belong with Me” were my first favorites. My daughter and I have been to every single concert she’s performed in Miami. Last summer we had floor seats.  This upcoming summer we are headed to Massachussets to see her because she’s only doing 4 shows in the US.  I find so many of her songs relatable and a lot of them take me back to being young. Basically, my go to comment is “Taylor has lyrics for that”. 

I have two yorkies. Madison and Liberty. I wasn’t a dog person until I got my first yorkie as a college graduation gift, Broadway. Do you see the pattern there? All of their names are related to NYC, one of my favorite US cities to visit. I love my dogs with my whole heart. They are definitely my emotional support. Other than making hand made items for your homes, I love photography as well and still do pictures for some clients. However, my kids’ grueling schedules (my son rows and my daughter dances flamenco, plays the piano and drums. She also recently took up basketball) and my husband traveling all of the time make it hard to do it more. 

I wanted you to know who you were buying from. I am eternally grateful to everyone that has ordered from my little shop.